Paulette is a spirited entrepreneur with a passion for learning and a flair for bringing people together. She’s also a coffee connoisseur and social media enthusiast. As a relentless solopreneur, Paulette has always been drawn to running a business, whether she was a real estate agent, an IT Consultant, or the owner of an independent Café. Paulette loves to be her own boss, embracing the café lifestyle, where all she needs is a smart phone, her laptop, and an Internet connection to generate income.

With her sense of humour and commitment to championing accountability and success, Paulette is fulfilling her passion for helping people grow their businesses. Their success is her success. She knows that networking based on support and learning is changing the way we do business – one meetup group, one networking group at a time. And of course, it’s always nice to do it over a cup of coffee!


So those who know me well are certainly not surprised that the next phase of my life will include adventure, travel and lots of opportunities for learning and laughter. I’m not talking school or bookish learning, but exploring more about life and relationships with the awesome middle-aged women who share the same goal.

Over the years I’ve had more than my fair share of adventures, both good and bad. But you know what they say – even bad things teach you something about your heart and your resilience.

Woman with luggage It all started with my very first move away from my family – with only a couple of suitcases, contacts or connections had me getting on a train for Ottawa. No job or place to live waiting for me when I arrived. That was a pretty big challenge, but I never take the easy route.

Later, I opened and ran my very own, and I must say funky, café in Leslieville. I even sanded and painted all the tables and chairs in the place. Purple and green of course. A true labour of love.

I’ve traveled in an a la carte kind of way, backpacking and hostel-staying my way around Australia and Fiji. That reminds me. I really should find something to do with my ten films on koalas. Let’s just say I really enjoyed the koala nursery sanctuary in Brisbane. It ranks right up there with the food fair at the top of the Blue Mountains.

At first, I was worried that the coffee wouldn’t be up to my exacting standards, but thank goodness my fears were groundless. Forgive the pun…

Cute fantastic chocolade car with sweets and coffee on top.
3d cup of coffee traveling around the world I built a crazy beer bottle themed raft with a bunch of wild engineers to float down the Bow River in Calgary, in the spring – just for the hell of it contest – we came in 2nd! I have pictures to prove it – though you won’t know it’s me cuz I’m dressed as a can opener. 🙂

New Years Day (I refuse to say what year), sitting on the edge of the cliffs at Lands End, England with a friend – laughing our fool heads off with champagne and cigars – our only complaint – we should have brought more than one bottle of champagne!

And the adventure continues ….

There’s a reason why 85% of digital nomads consider themselves to be happy and even better news, 21% of those happy nomads are Entrepreneurs. That’s where I’m heading next – on the move and with the intention to enable other women professionals / entrepreneurs to hit the road as well with a variety of options. Life is just too fascinating to stay tied to your office for too long.

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